Train Like A Champ

 Looking to release your inner athlete, but you're afraid you just might overdo it? My Asics Training Plans are built to work with you, not against you! However, that means every day of the training plan is essential to help you reach your end goal. 

This guide is to assist with deciding on what sort of workout may be best for you. It's important that you understand the different kinds so you don't choose something that may be too much for you. Luckily, My Asics begins with a basic set of questions to get an understanding of you. These questions help generate the best training plan to better suit your abilities. 

The important pieces to note in your Training Plan, are:
1.) Your Preconditioning Period: This phase is important to get your body ready to train for your goal. There may be lots of jogging here, but don't be tempted to speed up! You will have plenty of time to train harder in later phases.
2.) Rest days. Who doesn't love a day of rest? The article linked explains the importance of these days.
3.) Your Recovery Period: Now that you've reached your goal, run easy for the next few weeks of your plan and let yourself recover. Take plenty of rest and then try slower paced runs to ease back into normal activities. You're then ready to make a plan for your next challenge!

So, you have your Training Plan set up, but need some opinions on how to begin? Check these options out and what pros/cons come with them:

Running Frequency

Training On Two Consecutive Days

Weekday Vs. Weekend Training

Build-Up Runs

Interval Training

Running More Than 4 Days Per Week

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