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Have a favorite route to run on and want My Asics to remember it?  

When you log your runs you can add your habitual running route(s) and save them to make future logging easier. To create a route, you will need to use the web version of My Asics:

  • In the Log a Run screen, look for the Select a Route pulldown menu, and click the Add icon next to it. This opens the Add a Route screen

  • Fill in your address, city or postcode to find your location on the map.
  • On the map, click on the starting point of your route (e.g. your home address).

  • If you run from A to B, all you need to do is add a finishing point to create your route.
  • If you run in a loop (e.g. from home and back there), click on the point furthest away from your starting point, and then click Retrace (if you run the same way back) or Loop (if you run a different way back.)
  • You can refine your route by adding more points along the way. Turning on the Snap function will make your route follow roads, instead of straight lines.
  • The running distance of your route is updated on the left of your screen.
  • After you've created your route, give it a name and click Save.

To Apply Your Route:

  • Back in the Log a Run screen, your saved route is now added to the Select a Route pulldown menu. When you log your runs, just select your route and your running distance is filled in automatically.

To Delete A Route:

  • Another way to access your routes is in the Route Maps tab of your Account Settings. Here you will see your saved routes. You can delete them or edit their names.
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