SONY Smart B-Trainer

ASICS has partnered with SONY on their Smart B-Trainer headset! You can either use your existing MY ASICS training plan or create a new plan right inside the B-Trainer for Running app!  The Smart B-Trainer brings many new features to the MY ASICS training experience such as voice guidance, the ability to play music at a tempo that matches the target pace of your run, and many more sensors to get feedback on your run performance.  The device also has built-in GPS, so you can leave your phone at home and only take the Smart B-Trainer for a run.  The Smart B-Trainer was first released in Japan in March 2015 and has continued to launch in markets around the world throughout 2015.

**Please Note** MY ASICS for Sony B-Trainer is being discontinued on Mar 31, 2017.

How to Pair With My Asics:

You are able to sync your activities with the Sony Smart B-Trainer sports device. However, you will also need to install the Smart B-Trainer app on your phone so that the two can sync up together. We recommend that you install this additional app before running with your Smart B-Trainer. You can download this by clicking below: 

First, you'll want to make sure you have a training plan selected or created in MY ASICS. If you do not have one of these yet, you can create a new training plan on either your phone or desktop. 

How To Pair B-Smart Trainer On iOS and Android:

First, you'll need to make sure your Smart B-Trainer is paired up with the Sony application. Your personal information should be entered exactly like it was in My Asics:

Once you are paired up, when prompted, the Smart B-Trainer app will auto-detect any training plans you already have created with My Asics. Tap Yes to sync this information over, and then tap the Asics training plan from the top of your list.

How to Sync My Asics and Sony on iPhone: 

You'll then re-direct to Asics to choose your desired training plan.

In your My Asics training list, press Run This on the right of your activity, the corresponding activity from your plan will then be downloaded to the Smart-B Trainer for Running app. Once the download is complete, that training menu will appear in the Smart-B app. You can then tap Transfer Training on the bottom of the screen to transfer your plan to the Smart-B sport device. When the transfer is complete, you can tap Start Training to begin training with your sport device on.

Upon completion of your run, you’ll want to log back into your Smart B-Trainer app. You should then see the My Asics icon on the map in the training history section. Tap this to transfer your current activity to Asics. Once it transfers, you can tap the My Asics icon again and it will display your activity information, as well as it being a completed activity for your training plan. 

If you tap Plan or List, you should see all training plans that were created. You can also see your upcoming training schedule by changing the date within this screen. When it’s time for your next training day, just tap Run or This Run to transfer your plan to the Sony device all over again! 

How To Sync My Asics and Sony On Android:

Tap the 3 white lines on the top left hand corner of the app and choose Training Plan. You should then see My Asics at the very top of the list. Once you tap this it should immediately link you to your current training plan/next available activity. You'll need to press Run This in order for the plan to link with your B-Smart Trainer. Now, you'll have top tap Transfer Training at the bottom of the screen.

Once you see the bottom bar turn yellow, it should read Start Training. If you click this, you'll be brought to the next screen with your activity stats. Upon completion of your run, you will need to press the My Asics icon located on the bottom right hand corner of your map. It will then bring you into My Asics and show your recent activity!



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