Change the Number of Days you Run Each Week

The number of days you run each week can be adjusted if you find you'd like to run more or less times. 

To do this login to your account on our MY ASICS website select "Plan options" from the My Plan page then click "Edit My Plan".


Once you've clicked on this button, you should be directed to a new page with the options to edit the number of times you run each week. 



You'll see the plan adjust as you click on the different options. Once you've selected the amount of days you want to run each week just click "Get Started" and your new plan will be displayed on your My Plan tab and in your MY ASICS app! 


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    Alvaro A Salom

    Tenía un programa para correr la media maratón de Barranquilla pero el sistema tomo un día después la carrera y trate de editarlo pero me envió 3 días después ahora. Quiero usar el programa pero me está dando problemas
    Gracias por colaborar debe ser el 2 de abril y empezamos entrenamiento el 6 de febrero

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