Printing & Saving Your Plan

Print Your Plan 

You can print your training plan from the calendar view. Just use the Print button on the My Plan page. This will save a PDF file of your plan to your computer. Just open it up and print from there!

Download as a PDF

When you click on the "Print My Plan" button, a PDF file will automatically be saved to your computer!

Export to Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook

You can subscribe to a live iCalendar (.ics) feed of your training plan for use in Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar or other calendar applications. 

First, head over to and select the My Plan tab, then click on Calendar Sync in the training toolbar.

Once you click on this, you will be prompted to launch an external application. Confirm and you will be taken to iCal!

Once iCal opens, just subscribe to the calendar and it will add your workouts to your calendar!


iPhone Calendar

Want to add your Training Plan to your iPhone's iCal app? You can do this directly on your phnone! Just pull up your Training Plan in My Asics, tap on the gear icon in the top right hand corner, and choose Add Plan to Calendar App. Just make sure that All iCloud is selected in your iCal app!

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