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The MY ASICS Apple Watch app is currently live on the iTunes App Store!  This app offers you guidance before, during, and after your run through a streamlined interface designed specifically for Apple Watch.  Download now and take it for a run today!

How To Pair Apple Watch With MY ASICS:

You will need to ensure that your iPhone is on a wifi network and that bluetooth is enabled. If you need assistance with pairing your iPhone to the Apple Watch, please refer here. 

Now that you're paired up, let's get MY ASICS connected to your Watch!

You'll need to make sure that the MY ASICS app is installed on your watch. If you don't have it on there yet, you can install it in the Watch application on your iPhone. To do this, launch the Watch application, tap the My Watch tab on the bottom, and scroll through your apps until you see MY ASICS. You should see that it's installed like it appears below: 

You should then see the icon on your Apple Watch home screen. Tap that to launch MY ASICS. If you already have a training plan selected, it should bring up your next available activity:

If you're looking to just track a free run and do not have a training plan selected, the interface should look like the image below:

**If you would like to create a training plan, you can read up on how to do so here. If you would like to see a list of available training plans, the information is available on this page.**

Once you press the blue play button, your run will begin and the Apple Watch will start to track your information. 



You can look at the MY ASICS app on your iPhone as well to ensure that it's tracking properly. The map on your Run screen should show the path you are traveling on, as well as your current miles/time.

Upon completion of your run, you will see the distance tracker on your watch go from blue to green.

You can then swipe left on the screen of your Apple Watch and it will display the overview of your run. Here you will see your completed run, distance, time, and pace. It will also display when your next run is and what activity to prepare for.

*NOTE* You will need to be on a wifi network with both your phone and Apple Watch in order for the information to pass over. Otherwise, you may receive the following message:

If this happens, please go to your Activities screen and tap the cloud icon that appears right next to your recently logged activity. Once your phone is on wifi, you will see that run finish syncing to your training plan. 

Happy Running!!


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