Importing From Watches

You can import runs via the web from gear from Garmin, Suunto or other watches in the stated file types: 

  • Open standards (GPX, KML & Fitlog)
  • Polar (HRM and XML)
  • Garmin (TCX and FIT)
  • CicloSport (DAT)
  • Beurer (EFT)
  • O-Synce (FIT)

In order to do this, you must import your data to the MY ASICS website on your computer.  First, click on the Import button next to the Log a Run button.

Then, you can either select or drag and drop your file into the section shown below:


Once your file is successfully imported, you will see "NAME OF FILE successfully uploaded."

You can also view all imported runs by clicking View Imported Runs on the very bottom of the "Import Your Runs" screen. You should then see the files you've imported into the MY ASICS interface.

This is what it looks like after I imported two GPX files from a few runs that were recorded with my Garmin bracelet.

They should continue to reflect in your Training Plan as you keep importing them.

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