Increasing Difficulty

If you feel the overall plan is too easy for you, we recommend you either recalculate your pace or end the plan to create a new one with a new goal for your race.

Recalculating Pace

Log into and head over to the My Plan tab. In the top right-hand corner above your training schedule, click on the "Edit My Plan" option.

Once you've selected the edit option, you'll be presented with a screen where you can customize some of the fields of your training plan. You can edit your end date, as well as your runs per week & your target pace.

You can see that I'm currently running 3 times per week at an average pace.

To increase the difficulty of your training plan, just select "Hard" pace instead of average and your plan will increase in difficulty!

Tap "Get Started" and then confirm the changes. Your training plan will update with your new pace!

Ending Your Plan

From your My Plan tab, click on Plan Options and select Terminate Plan

Once you've ended your current plan, you can create a new one with the correct goal in mind!

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