Creating a Training Plan

MY ASICS offers a variety of training plans to help you get up & running just in time for your next race! The first step is creating your plan so you can get started. 


1. Tap on the "Plan" tab, located in the menu at the bottom of the app's screen and you'll be directed to the main training plan page where you can choose your goal distance.

2. After selecting the distance you'd like to run, you'll be prompted to select the date you'd like to complete your goal. Don't worry, if you aren't training for a specific event you can select that option!

3. Once you've selected your date, just enter your goal time and some information about your current running ability.

4. The final step is to fill our your profile to give us a sense of where your current running ability lies. After that, we'll create a custom plan for you to follow each week!


Tap the side bar of your app to expand your controls and choose Start a New Plan. You will then be prompted through each screen to select what is applicable to your workout needs.

Upon completion, you should then see your Plan Preview, where you can save or edit the plan. 


Once you've logged into, you should see the main dashboard that allows you to enter your activities manually or enter a goal. This is also where you can see your training plan once you've started one!

Click on the "My Plan" tab and you should be brought to a new screen where you can fill in the details for your plan. Type in your details and click "Get your plan" to take a look at your new training plan!

 The final step before you start tracking is to confirm how many days you'd like to train each week and the pace. Just select these and tap "Get Started"! 

Once you've entered all of your information, your plan is created and you can start tracking! You will be able to find your plan under the "My Plan" or "Dashboard" sections of the website. You will also see this plan on your mobile device in the MY ASICS app!

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