Running Frequency

The purpose of training 4 times a week is to attach importance to your body's recovery rhythm (supercompensation rhythm) in order to achieve more effective training results. The idea is to change from the conventional method of improving performance by increasing the amount of training to the idea of improving performance through structured running, sufficient rest and high-quality training.  If you train too much, you might overexert yourself without even realizing it.  If you overexert yourself, not only might you not see any increases in the effects of your training, but you might even see a decline.

Depending on the degree of your fatigue, you can include a bit of jogging on your resting days. However, we recommend getting enough rest when you are fatigued in order to increase the efficiency of your training as well as to reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, the content of the training focuses more on improving pace, which is directly related to marathon performance, than high-intensity workouts like interval running. Therefore, the training is composed of more efficient and quicker-paced running, along with build up running.

However, warm up and cool down exercises are not included.  For this reason, actual methods vary greatly with each individual and his or her condition as well as the season or climate. However, in response to requests, we will consider including warmup and cool down exercises in the plans for future versions. 


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